Innovation in CBD Skincare Products

Skincare products with CBD are one of the most innovative areas in the CBD industry. Companies are releasing creative formulations to help with overall skin wellness, inflammation, moisturizing, and pain relief. Beneficial combinations with essential oils, emu oil, hyaluronic acid, terpenes, and healing crystals are becoming popular.

Companies are making a strong effort to differentiate their CBD skincare products by hiring chemists and skilled formulators. Some great products are already on the market, and we expect many more to launch in the coming years.

Unique CBD Skincare Companies

Mazz Hanna

Mazz Hanna CBD Foot Spray

Mazz Hanna has one of the most interesting lines of CBD skincare products. Several of their products include ingredients that are blessed by a shaman during a full moon. They also infuse their products with healing crystals and stones. The quality is exceptional, and products are cruelty free, paraben free, non gmo, and vegan.

Carnelian Infusion 250mg CBD Skin Salve

Citrine Infusion CBD Bath Tonic

Smoky Quartz Infusion CBD Foot Spray

The company was recently featured in an article on Hollywood stars who love CBD.


Cannuka CBD Soap Bar

Cannuka offers a creative line of CBD skincare products which all contain Manuka Honey. This unique combination provides a duo of benefits. Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD combine with the anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties of the honey.

100mg CBD Nourishing Body Cream

CBD Calming Eye Balm

CBD Cleansing Body Bar

Innovative Sports Focused CBD Skincare Products

Floyd’s of Leadville 600mg CBD Lavender Balm

Floyds of Leadville 600mg CBD Lavender Balm

Sports recovery balm that combines CBD with Lidocaine, and is scented with soothing lavender. The balm is formulated to help with muscle and joint pain. Floyd’s of Leadville was founder by former professional cyclist, Floyd Landis.

NanoCraft 500mg CBD Extra Strength Pain Stick Salve

NanoCraft CBD 500mg Extra Strength Pain Stick Salve

Formulated with soothing menthol and CBD to relive your muscle aches & pains. NanoCraft CBD offers a wide line of CBD products marketed towards sports-focused consumers.

Innovative High Strength Topical CBD Products

Premium Jane 1500mg CBD Topical Salve

Premium Jane 1500mg CBD Topical Salve

This extra strength topical cream contains a whopping 1500mg of CBD, making it one of the strongest CBD body creams available. The unique formula includes emu oil, chamomile extract, cocoa butter, argan oil, hibiscus flower extract, and other natural ingredients. The product is made with full spectrum CBD and every Premium Jane CBD product is vegan, non gmo, and tested by third party labs.

cbdMD Recover – Inflammation Formula Body Cream

cbdMD 1500mg CBD Inflammation Formula Cream

This high strength CBD skincare product is formulated to aid with inflammation. The products is made with organic arnica flower extract, soothing essential oils, and 1500mg of broad spectrum CBD. cbdMD offers some of the best prices on high quality CBD products.


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